Change in VA Certification Training Requirements

Virginia has apparently changed its requirements for inspection certification to require half of the training to be “contact hours”. Of course, I procrastinated and haven’t gotten the certification yet, so I must now complete this requirement. Does anyone have any advice on who, in the northern Virginia/DC are would be a good choice to provide this training? And my good, I mean inexpensive…

Thanks in advance.


Also this from VA:

If you are an InterNACHI CPI, I can supply the form you need.


Next year you’ll also need to be certified and pass a course to do new construction homes.

Ty;er, once you get certified contact me if you need some work in both DC and Northern VA. I have an overflow of inspections in both areas and I have started a referral arrangement with several inspectors in those areas.


Interesting. Do you have a link to info on that?

Will do.

That’s interesting.

Nick l recently contacted the DPOR and they stated that they only accept NAHI or ASHI not InterNACHI. If they are wrong if there anything you can do to fix it that would be great. I think they will honor the form for contact hours but not the home inspections required.

It’s not just any membership in those associations that the accept as equivalent (anyone can join ASHI in 30 seconds online), it is full membership that is accepted as equivalent.

Membership in InterNACHI alone isn’t quite enough either, you have to complete certain InterNACHI courses that cover certain content (or more). Read this taken from their website today:\TownHall\docroot\GuidanceDocs\222\GDoc_DPOR_4500_v1.pdf

The requirements to be an InterNACHI CPI more than meet those requirements. Read this taken from our website today:

Thanks Nick, I have met all of the InterNACHI CPI requirements. Would it be possible for you to send me the form I need for the DPOR?

Yes. You’ll need it. Email me right now: asking me to do it and InterNACHI staff will prepare it.

Thanks Nick I sent request.