Change manufactured to modular

My house is identified incorrectly as a ‘manufactured’ house with Santa Fe County. It is absolutely a modular house (no trucks, no steel chassis, no tongue, no vehicle title and has a deed like site-built house IRC). Lenders look at the two (manufactured vs modular) differently. I’ts hard to get financing for a manufactured house. I wanted to refinance my house. Having trouble. How can I get the County to correct the mistake and change the status/label/identification of my house to modular? I realize this could affect my property taxes.

If it never had wheels and was a stick built structure in a controlled environment…what is the issue? Have another home inspector identify it for you on their letterhead. Should be good. I have done it a few times for realtors. It worked.

It might have been the city or county tax assessor that classified it as a manufactured home.

When I need information on a property, the first place I go is the online tax assessor’s data where there will be a complete history of the home, permits recorded, changes of ownership. taxes paid by whom, etc… The folks evaluating your refinancing application might be going to a city or county site where they’ve found that information.

Have you called the tax folks and informed them of this error? If not, give them a call, explain the situation and ask them to have the muni assessor come back out so you can prove to him that it is a modular and not a manufactured home.

Warning: Depending on how they tax properties in your are, doing that could significantly increase your annual tax bill.