Changing of the Guard - Chicago Chapter

The Chicago Chapter has had its Annual Meeting and installed its new officers.

See here:

As the President stepping down, I have to say that all the new officers are great people, dedicated to the membership and ready to hit the ground running (They had another state CE class, last Saturday).

They all have my best wishes and I stand ready to help in any way I can. The hand-off was professional, smooth and efficient.

Let’s all get together and lend a hand!

Will …I cannot help but notice there was also a change in instructors.
Have you also given up education?

Will does your chapter elect new officers every year?

Congratulations Wil!
I know how difficult it is to be a chapter president and the great amount of time that is involved in maintaining a successful chapter. People do not realize that this is a full-time nonpaying job that includes working Monday through Friday plus on Saturdays Sundays and holidays.

I applaud you for taking on this task and I wish you all the luck in the world!

Once again I congratulate you and I offer you my Warmest Regards

Annual elections. Officers may serve two consecutive terms (actually, this is a proposed by-law change).

Since we are a 501©(6) not-for-profit corp, we must follow certain laws. The officers are also the directors of the corp.

Thanks, Frank. It was a burden and a joy, know what I mean. The incoming people are great and have really hit the ground running. Last year, we had about 1 to 2 month’s confusion in the hand over, but this year, it went smooth as pie (key lime!).

Hope everyone will get to know the new officers and lend advice where they can. I will continue to be involved. As I have said, I will do whatever I can to help, with or without the title.

It never is about the title, it’s all about getting the job done.

Frank, glad you responded, just wondering what our chapter is doing for elections and what N/P law we go by.

I know we have an opening fro VP but nothing seems to be happening.

If I may.

There is no hard and fast formula or structure or organization for a chapter. We incorporated under the NACHI model by-laws, amended for Illinois so we could get not-for-profit status.

Some chapters do it differently, and that is OK as well.

Some do annual, some for two years and some don’t even really vote for officers.

If it works, it works. It’s that simple.

Hope this helps;

Thanks Will, I was just wondering because we don’t have a VP and our secretary is also the treasurer and nothing seems to be planned on filling these positions.

I think our chapter could be allot stronger if we had a better/more formal structure.

More people need to think this way. Great work Will ! :slight_smile:


I would also say that more members need to step up and put in a couple of hours a month.

I have been blessed with members who do.

They make me look good :mrgreen:

Now that’s the sign of a good leader, one who accepts help, not afraid to give out accolades and modestly takes the credit.

Win win situation for all!

Show up at Wednesday’s meeting. All of your questions and concerns have already been addressed. :smiley:

Some people know about this, but most do not.

I don’t want to give away any surprises so I will not say anymore on this.:wink:

Frank, I will be there but since when are we playing fun and games with surprises and guessing games???

PM me if you care to.

No. It is a sign of a guy who messes up (alot!) and continues to try, to learn from his mistakes and who has a lot of good people behind him who:

  1. Won’t let him quit.
  2. Kick his A*S
  3. Help.
  4. Criticize (unhelpfully)
  5. Criticize (constructively)
  6. Clean up the mess
  7. Buy him a drink
  8. Make him realize that he is just one person and cannot do it all himself
  9. Teach him
  10. Send him back out to do it, all over again.

And, may G-d bless them all.

And who said it’s great to be at the top…

Probally someone at the bottom!!!

It sounds like your chapter is the recipient of a great leader and should be thankful to have had you at the helm. There aren’t a lot of people who know what it takes to be a leader. It’s not one who tells everyone what to do but listens to what others have to say, gathers as much info as possible, has good people around him/her and then acts accordingly. Also learns not to do everything themselves but knows he/she needs to delegate responsibility to others that are willing and capable to help.

Good luck to you in the future and good luck to your chapter. I’ve recently joined the NH chapter and from what I’ve seen I think we’re on a good road, I only hope we can be great as the Chicago appears to be.


Alan, your post is good, we do have a good chapter and a strong membership, Frank posted earlier that something was in the works, we are without a VP or treasurer,. I responded to Franks post and sent him an email to no avail. I guess everything is a secret until we go to the chapter meeting Wednesday, kind of reminds me of when we went through the licensing BS, everything was a big secret until the 11th hour and the SURPRISE!!!

Thanks Pete
I guess we’ll have to wait until Wednesday. I understand we have a good chapter with some great guys. This issue of not having a VP or Treasurer is part of the growing pains and I’m confident that everything will work out for the better. I’m sure Frank knows what he’s doing and what he has planned for the Chapter will be for the benenfit of us all.