Chapter meeting announcements

Can anyone tell me who coordinates the communications to our members when we want to announce a chapter seminar or meeting?
Thank you

What do you mean by Coordinate?

Right now when you want to host a chapter event:
1] You schedule the event
2] You schedule your guest speakers
3] You contact Fastreply giving NACHI 45 days notice
4] Nick posts announcement on bulletin board
5] Upon request (reminder) NACHI (Deanna or Lisa) when they have time will send out a mass Email.

If your asking if their is anyone in charge of making sure that two or more chapters that are close to each other don’t host events on the same date, well that would be NO ONE!

-Great Lakes-East Chapter-
Events Schedule
-----Every Even Numbered Month, Second Friday & the Saturday that follows.-----

April 13 & 14 GLE Event
May 17,18 & 19 NACHI National Convention (Toronto)
June 8 & 9 GLE Event
August 10 & 11 GLE Event
October 12 & 13 GLE Event
December 14 & 15 GLE Event

*These dates are not all set in stone, some may be extended or shortened due to training course length & attendance. *

I am also in the process of becoming approved as a State Approved Non-Distance Learning Provider (Sponsor) & getting Nick approved by the state as an instructor. Once that happens I will be scheduling a Date for Nick to instruct his course for Real Estate Professionals!

It would be nice if their was a Director of Chapter Affairs or Coordinator of Chapter Affairs/Events, but that would be a full time job!
1] This person would need to keep track of all Events hosted by chapters & NACHI
2] This person would be the one to approve of event schedules
3] This person would need to keep a constant, up to date Email list of all NACHI, A$HI, N@HI, Independent & other Home Inspectors.
4] This person would need to know where all active NACHI Chapters are, including describing what makes a chapter Active!
5] This person would need to be able to assist chapters become successful.
6] With chapter leaders, this person should create a good list of vendor contacts for Free or Low-Cost training events for chapters.
7] With chapter leaders, this person should create a good list of vendor contacts to provide Door Prizes & Sponsor Chapter Events.
8] This person should be able to assist chapters in finding ways to keep event costs to a minimum… (I have heard of some chapters holding events that cost $1,600.00 just for the Hall Rental, they obviously failed to host any other events.)

I’m sure I can add to this list!

This may be able to keep some chapter leaders from feuding, it may not, some people just like an argument.

If you hold Quality Events, people will come!

I have had people Fly-in Saturday morning from California to events I have held here in Michigan. I then had to rush them back out to the airport that very evening to catch their flight back. I even had three people drive from Niagara Falls, all within 25 miles of each other… I wish I had known in advance, they could have shared a ride & saved some gas money.


Thanks for the reply.
What I was looking for was to have NACHI mass email to all Michigan and surrounding inspectors to attend a seminar being held next month.
Nick received an email from the person giving the seminar, but it made no mention of what chapter was hosting it.
I’ll contact Nick.
Keep up the good work. You’ve done great with your chapter.

Jason, I may see you in April…I have to work it out yet.

Larry, what is the seminar about?