Chapter meeting with Government Officials

We had a very interesting, informative and productive meeting yesterday June 16, 2011 in Red Deer Alberta. Mr. Hood and Mr. Flak explained the legislation and answered all questions from the floor. There were over 100 members and guests present as well As Kim from Hub Insurance and Chuck and Bev from Aqua Insurance Brokers. The input from both Kim and Chuck was very informative, Kim provided valuable information during the Government presentation and helped answer many questions and concerns.
Chuck presented an outline of what Aqua has done to offer insurance and bonding designed for InterNACHI and our members.
And finally we held a workshop with the CMI’s to review the peer review procedures that we will be using. To find a qualified CMI to do your peer review go to our CMI Alberta chapter site.

How many attended?

By my count 117


Any mention of leeway with the legislation?

As Vern mentioned, the meeting was very informative and productive. We had a great turnout and the government representatives were introduced to a number of vocal, passionate, home inspectors that were not shy in letting them know how they felt about the regulations. My hat is off to Scott and Lyle for listening to and answering as best they could, the concerns of the home inspectors there. At times the temperature in the room went up a few notches, but we were talking about the livlihood of over 100 people in the room. It can be an emotional subject for anyone. The regulations are far from perfect, but there is a mechanism in place to make changes if and when they are required. We shall see…

The insurance portion of the meeting was very informative and I have to thank Kim Smith of HUB for flying out from Ontario and also Chuck McKenna of Aqua Insurance in Edmonton. Great presentation…

Also, thanks to the executive board of Alberta InterNACHI for all the work they did in planning the event, manning the registration tables, and doing anything and everything they could to make this happen.

Finally, special thanks to Vern Mitchinson and Steve Horvath for the countless hours they have put in to not only this meeting but to every facet of our organization. They are the two pillars that have kept Alberta InterNACHI on the map and made it an organization not only recognized and respected in our province, but also industry wide throughout North America.

Dan Levia
President, Alberta InterNACHI

No mention of any leeway , they were pretty adamant on the Sept 1 st regulations , claimed they will hire an education expert to review other submitted courses , as it stands, it is , RHI, CMI, and Carson Dunlop graduates, approved for license , conditional license, stands as is , Kim from Hub had fought hard to explain to the government, that the 10.000$ bond was useless, that E&0 was sufficient, Kim is going to supply the government with as much evidence as possible, to prove her point , and the government will review her material, other than that, the government admitted to expect changes by the end of the first year, the general consensus behind the scenes, amongst the new start ups , including a couple new franchise owners, was that they will probably be out of business, till they complete the Carson Dunlop course , the reason being, if the new start up, buys the required E&0 to get up and running , and does not get the 25 paid inspections in on time, for the Sept 1st ruling, then the conditional license is off the table, but the new start up will still be required to pay E&0 for 2 years, even though they may not be in business, it`s part of the way the insurance is structured ,the insurance quote given, for a five year, no claims inspector , for the E&0, General Liability and bond, will be roughly 3400$, but thanks to VERN, STEVE, and DANIEL for putting this all together. It was a good presentation .

Thanks Nick,Vern,Dan,Christopher and very one who attended ,
This is great information for all .
Our Industry is changing in Canada .
We all need to learn as much as we can and you people have helped to keep us in the loop BIG Time …

From what I heard , Nova Scotia is next , before Ontario, just here say .

I find it so sad we have associations in Canada that seem to not make sure their members know about what is going on in the Home Inspection industry in Canada .
I just received an email from a ttp:// member and he had no idea what has been going on in Alberta .
This seems to confirm what we have been told, the self apointed leaders are a secret group who do not share info with their members as well as other associations in Canada

And Nick shares all that’s going on with all members here?? Give your head a shake!!!

Typical Brian More concerned about NICK then he is about the Canadian Home Inspection Industry.

**Brian the parasite **

He’s one of the biggest concerns a lot of people have (and others can’t see) about the Canadian HI industry.

He runs the largest diploma mill that ensures anyone that can read and write will be “certified” (yeah, right!!) in a couple of days. In a few years, the merry-go-round effect (hop on/off quickly) kicks in with about 90% of folks not continuing as HI’s. Meanwhile, more folks find this site and decide against the advice of even yourself to become HI’s (if even for a year or two!!)

This all plays into Nick’s large plan of making $$$$$…not really helping the HI field overall!!! Have you read about what’s happening in Florida and some of the comments??? Oh, right!! You’re one of the** others that can’t see!!!**

Brian you have a phobia .

This string is about Canadians and our Canadian Industry .
You have a hate of NACHI so much you completly loose site of any thing else.

You do have a problem besides being a parasite who sponges on others to give you a place to vent your silly hatred for NACHI.

You talk about the largest diploma mill and ingnore all those who are doing the same thing in Canada again showing your hatred on NACHI .

Yes, there may be other teaching/training companies and orgs but none
as damaging to the overall well-being of the industry as the “cheap & easy” “certification” offered here!!! Sign in, write/pass a free test (can take it as many times as you wish), pay your fee, show up as a “certified” HI the next morning…is it any simpler???

Here’s what diploma mills do to the industry…

Hire a certified home inspector for $95.00 (plus GST)!*

That is what happens when the field gets overcrowded!!! That was from an Alberta member.

If you bothered to join you would find out that the first test is an entrance exam.
If you can not pass that you are probably not inspector material.
This is a civilized discussion about licencing and the way the government is doing it.

Brian says:

How could I possibly share ALL that’s going on at InterNACHI with ALL members? Do you have any idea how much is “going on” at InterNACHI?

We have new graphics being made, new inspection articles being written, new research being done, new benefits being developed, new corporate deals being cut, new inspection courses being built, new inspection videos being produced, new inspector marketing material being created, lobbying being done, tests being administered, stuff being translated into other languages, chapters holding events, new marketing programs being launched, new legal documents being drafted, inspector booths at local events, new webpages being added, insane IT projects being completed, inspection books being published, members joining from all over the world, phones ringing off the hook, thousands of emails being answered every day, huge bags of mail going in and out every day, pallets and pallets of stuff being shipped every day… and you expect me to “share all that’s going on with all members”? How would I even know?! Dude, keep it real… and give your head a shake.

The Chapter Meeting in Red Deer was a very interesting meeting indeed.
To me, one of the most ‘interesting’ parts, was how Mr. Hood and Mr. Flak seemed very rigid about their positions and the legislation at the very beginning of the meeting. However, after the first coffee break, Mr. Hood and Mr. Flak were taking more and more notes and seemed to be understanding some of the larger issues with the regulations that the Inspectors were verbalizing. Even going so far as to verbally tell us to ‘email the Minister and Mr. Hood himself ’ regarding changes. I can only hope that the bigger issues can be dealt with before the Sept. 1 effective date.
One of the more disappointing parts of the meeting was how none of the insurance people could/would provide a clear definition of a Surety Bond, such as this one taken from an Alberta insurance website: A contract bond – or surety bond – is not actually ‘insurance’, but rather a guarantee between a surety (someone who agrees to be responsible for the debt or obligation of another), a contractor, and a project owner. The agreement binds the contractor to comply with the terms and conditions of a contract. If the contractor is unable to successfully perform the contract, the surety assumes the contractor’s responsibilities and ensures that the project is completed.
This would have cleared up several/many questions and some confusion, as to why a Surety Bond is required, and the confusion between a Surety Bond and being “bonded”.
All-in-all, it was a well organized meeting, with some very good points raised… I am glad I turned down business to attend.

You seem like a “hands-on” type of guy!! Hell, you have time to send out individual requests for inspections to members…or is that you? Is there smoke and mirrors going on in your name?


Your tiresome rants are boring. You are like a broken record, over and over!

Now in your effort to appear all knowing and all seeing why don’t you ever comment on the corruptness of the Nat. Cert. wherein many applicants were stiffed for their fees?

Why don’t you mention the conflicts, the politics, the turf wars within the Canadian Associations of note?

Why aren’t you concerned about how Cahpi and OAHI conspired to do in the National, why OAHI would not release financial info to its members?

Why taxpayers money went into subsidize a fraud?

Nachi activities whatever you think is going on within Nachi pales in comparison to the associations registered as non=profits in Canada.