Chapter Recognition Award requirements

Chapter Recognition

The Chapter Recognition Award Program was created to recognize annual outstanding chapter achievement. The guidelines for participation and the accomplishments of recognized chapters may serve as a benchmark against which other chapters can measure themselves. It is our intention that the Award program inspires all chapters to higher levels of activity and excellence. Participation in this awards program is voluntary.
Recognition awards are presented in four categories: (Items 1 thru 3 may be issued more than once for each chapter. But only 1 certificate per item per month for each chapter applying and being approved by the NACHI Awards Committee.). Item 4 is issued to one Chapter per year.

  1. Outstanding Chapter Programming.
  2. Advancing the Home Inspection Profession
  3. Outstanding Member Services.
  4. Overall Chapter Excellence.

Chapters may submit for any of the first three awards at any time during the calendar year. The award for Overall Chapter Excellence is presented to the chapter that performs best overall in the first three categories.


In order to qualify for a recognition award, your chapter must submit the online submission form to the NACHI Awards Committee with all supporting documentation to substantiate your chapter award submission. If your chapter’s submission is received without the proper documentation, it will not be considered.

Entries are for the period of January 1, to December 31, of any given year.

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