Chapter Recognition Awards Nomination

Award Type: Chapters Recognition

Nominee: Great Lakes NACHI Chapter of Eastern Michigan

Nominator: Larry O’Conner, president of Western Michigan NACHI Chapter


This is Larry O’Connor, president of Western Michigan NACHI Chapter.
We have not been very active, but We’re working on it.

I would like to nominate Great Lakes NACHI chapter of eastern Michigan.
Jason Sieg approched me last year and asked questions on starting a chapter.
The next thing I see, he has formed his chater and is aggressively marketing his chapter with great seminars, classes, and meetings. Did it all himself in the beginning. It appears he’s still going strong.
Jason contributes strongly to ensuring the inspectors in his area are getting the knowledge they need to become great inspectors.
My hat is off to him.

Larry O’Connor

[FONT=Arial]Larry, O’Conner;


The Chapter Recognition Award Program was created to recognize annual outstanding chapter achievement. The guidelines for participation and the accomplishments of recognized chapters may serve as a benchmark against which other chapters can measure themselves. It is our intention that the Award program inspire all chapters to higher levels of activity and excellence. Participation in this awards program is voluntary.

Recognition awards are presented in four categories: (Items 1 thru 3 may be issued more than once for each chapter. But only 1 certificate per item per month for each chapter applying and being approved by the NACHI Awards Committee.). Item 4 is issued to one Chapter per year.

  1. Outstanding Chapter Programming.
  2. Advancing the Home Inspection Profession.
  3. Outstanding Member Services.
  4. Overall Chapter Excellence.

Chapters may submit for any of the first three awards at any time during the calendar year. The award for Overall Chapter Excellence is presented to the chapter that performs best overall in the first three categories.

Awards Committee Chairman