Chapter System Update

To those of you who are using the NACHI chapter management system:

We’ve just upgraded the system so that the member list that you maintain on the “Members/Officers” page is displayed under a “Chapter Members and Chapter Officers” page on your site. You can see a demo of this page at:

To enable this feature, simply log into the chapter management system, click the “Pages/Design” tab, and click “Publish” on either of your pages.

We’re also working on a system that will enable you to send out chapter announcements to everyone in your member list (among other things).



Just what I have been wanting and waiting for.



I did like you said, but when I check to see how it looks all I get is a “404 Error”.

Can you explain why?


The problem has been fixed. Sorry about that!

Thanks Chris!!

That’s great. Now I am hoping you can assist in getting our Greater Milwaukee Chapter converted to the “Wisconsin Chapter”. I have been using it to list our members but we have now become the Wisconsin Chapter and since I log in under manager there is not facility to start a second site under the same user id.

What can we do about this?

How do we get a chapter site like that?

This is slightly off topic, but is there a way to come up with a list of chapters from a specific state, say Pennsylvania? And a list of members from a specific state?

I think that depends on why you want the list. You can see nearly all chapters at: and now that the chapter member dealy is working you can see who’s there (providing the chapter keeps it up). Or you could just go to and browse NACHI members by city.

If you are forming a chapter and creating an event, you can request the NACHI members database for the state from Lisa (Excel format). I’m sure I will be corrected if I am speaking out of turn.

thanks for the info David.

Great… the window to spam hell is open…:mad:

Thanks, Joe. I was considering doing a mass e-mail to other PA inspectors regarding SB 1364, unless someone else is working on something constructive. I’ll probably request a data base as David suggested.