Chapters in or around Missouri?

I would like to know if there are any “actual” chapters in or around the state of Missouri at this time. A few of us had discussed this last year and it never went anywhere. If there is already one servicing the area I live than I want to go. If none exist, than let’s get this show on the road. I’ll do it if absolutely necessary but we really need one here. So, I live and work in Columbia, Missouri. Several of the other organizations have a chapter within the state. If any of my fellow inspectors in the state could chime in that would be great.
Zeke Z. Zelch
Centurion Inspection Services LLC
640 NE Park Ln
Columbia, Missouri 65201
573-691-0121 I’d love to drive out to one of your first meetings.

If you stop in KC, I’ll buy dinner.

If you come to Zeke’s Missouri chapter meeting, I’ll buy dinner.

I’d love to attend as well, I’m in Missouri about 3hrs from you but I’d gladly attend.

Let me know date/time.

This would be great!

So, it sounds as if there are currently none within the state. With that being said, if you have any experience in forming a chapter “successfully” please let me know. I don’t mind getting the ball rolling, but I will not waste my time either. Any advice or words of wisdom, let me know. Thank you for your time.
Zeke Z. Zelch
Centurion Inspection Services LLC
640 NE Park Ln
Columbia, MO 65201

I do not believe that Iowa has a chapter either. What do you think about making a two state sweep and get something set up in Iowa as well?

I’ll come to Iowa anytime.

I will not hijack this thread so I will have to get a hold of you for some guidance on getting things rolling.

Ok, so I will get things started. I would appreciate any advice as well as some possible chapter name ideas to get started. Just from the replies, most of you seem to be quite a ways from Columbia, Missouri. So, anyone who is near Columbia should definitely get with me so we can pull ideas and resources. Thank you for your time.