Charging fees for sub-contracted radon, sewer scope and water testing

Trying to wrap my head around this and I could not find anything in my searches -
As a licensed home inspector using subs for ancillary testing; is charging and collecting the fee for radon, sewer scope, water testing and lead paint testing (north east) while hiring a subcontractor to do those tests, and paying them a portion of the fee - calling it a scheduling fee - against the SOP? To be considered a scheduling fee, doesnt the sub contractor have to collect the fee and pay me a flat fee for scheduling?
Thanks for your time.

  1. (Providing) Regulated services… may be against the law in your state, ie… Radon testing. If you are collecting the monies, you may need to carry a license to perform the service.

  2. By collecting the fee’s, you open yourself up to being party to the service supplied. WHY would you open yourself to that additional liability??

For added inspection revenue due to being a “one stop shop”. Agents and buyers in my area LOVE to just make one phone call. We offer HI, radon, sewer. HI and radon are in house, sewer is subbed out. I realize the potential problems but it’s worth it. Been doing it for 10+ years and have never had any real problems. The key is getting a sub you know and trust to do good work.

No, it is not against the SOP.

The SOP is a minimum requirement for a home inspector to perform to. Many if not most inspectors go above and beyond the SOP.

I’ve been subbing out Radon tests for over 19 years and lateral sewer scopes and septic system inspections for 5 years.

As Matt mentioned, it’s important to have good people who know what their doing working on your team, as their conduct and performance are a direct reflection on you and your business.

Thanks for the input. Specifically - my question is whether or not it violates the SOP for home inspections. I’m going to dig deeper into state standards. Thanks again.

No it does not