Charging for mileage?

Correct. You can claim the simple home office/mileage deduction without claiming other, more complicated, home office deductions such as sq. ft. utilities, property tax, etc.


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That’s is perfect, I did mine but yours complete the parameters. You did a perfect calculator. Thanks for sharing this. I will like to make the spanish version, do you mine if I send you the translation to update it and share a spanish one? Let me know

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Send me the translations and I can do a spanish spreadsheet.

10-4, sending it in the next email.

Thanks, here is the items translated.
Column (C)
1.- Cost of Vehicle(Price less Resale) = Costo de Vehículo (Precio menos reventa)
2.- Expected Life (years) = Expectativa de Vida (años)
3…- Expected miles = Expectativa de millas
4.- Miles per Gallon - MPG = Millas por Galón (MPG)
5.- Gas Cost (Per Gallon) = Costo Combustible (Por Galón)
6.- Miles on oil Change = Millas entre Cambio de Aceite.
7.- Cost of Oil Change = Costo Cambio de Aceite.
8.- Life of tires = Vida útil neumáticos
9.- Cost of tires = Costo de neumáticos
10.- Yearly registration = Registro Anual
11.- Yearly Insurance = Seguro Anual
12.- Yearly repairs = Reparaciones Anuales
13.- Your desire Wages ($/HR) = Tu sueldo deseado($/hr)
14.- Average MPH = Promedio (Millas por Hora)
15.- Miles Driven today = Millas Manejadas Hoy

Column (E)
1.- Depreciation = Depreciación
2.- Fuel = Combustible
3.- Oil = Aceite
4.- Repairs = Reparaciones
5.- Registration = Registro
6.- Insurance = Seguro
7.- Tire wear = Desgaste Neumáticos
8.- Total Cost = Costo Total
9.- Wages Lost = Sueldo perdido
10.- Total loss = Pérdida total
11.- Hours Lost = Horas Perdidas

Hope that give you all the info, Thanks in advance for my fellows Spanish speakers
You can forward to my email down below.

The spanish version is here:

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Thanks Larry.

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I don’t charge for mileage (or for square footage or infrared or WDI) unless it’s more than a 90 minute trip one way. I prefer to give my customers one rate for 95% of inspections, with the flexibility to give discounts if I feel that they are warranted. I don’t want to be on a windy roof trying to do math in my head to give someone a quote, with the added inconvenience of keeping track of what price I told someone. I’m simple and lazy, and my pricing method reflects that.

I do track my mileage for every job. The last three years I have averaged 325 inspections a year with an average driving distance of 65 miles round trip per job. So I assume an hour of driving per job into my standard price. If the job is 5 miles away, I made a little profit which is absorbed by the job that is 100 miles round trip. Everything evens out in the end. I also try to stack jobs in the same area (obviously), but that’s tougher to do now with the shorter option periods.

In other words, I’m a home inspector not a truck driver. I’m charging to inspect a house, I’m not charging shipping and handling to deliver myself to the house.

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