Charging radon e-perms?

I saw something in the old message board pertaining to a service for recharging e-perms. Does anyone know anything about this? I have not been successful in searching the archives. If

I think I remember that Nick will do it, not sure but it had something to do with recharging radon, drop aimee a line

Here you go… from the archives (sorry about how it copied!!):

[FONT=Arial][size=2]Nick Gromicko

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Posted: Thu, Sep 16th, 9:57 PM Post subject:

I hired a physicist to build me the world’s only e-Perm electret recharger. A volt is a volt, but recharge fees are forever .

If anyone needs to use it, email me

Nick Gromicko

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Aimee Jalowsky

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Posted: Mon, Oct 24th, 1:36 PM Post subject:

Hey there,

Send them to our Colorado office and we recharge them for NACHI members at no cost to you.

The address is 1750 30th Street, #301, Boulder, CO 80301

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All right!!!