charitable donations

I have to speak with my accountant on this one but thought I might poll the group.

I am offering my services to a local Soup kitchen and shelter group to inspect their properties and any new acquisitions as need FREE of charge as my way of giving back.

What procedure invoicing wise or other do I need to follow to make this happen and also write it off each year?

My limited experience from back in the construction days: Most charities are willing to accept labor donations, but hesitant to actually perform recommendations. Make sure you are working for a 501©3© not for profit, if you ask them if they are, they will know what you mean. As far as write off, Be clear with them about no fee/paperwork before you start, sometimes the manager and bookkeeper work on opposite ends of the building, and the bookkeeper may automatically pay an invoice that lands on their desk. Simply invoice them as usual, and ask for a receipt. They are familiar with the process. (or should be) Write off the receipt, and save it in case you or they get audited.

Post Script: Thank you for your willingness to give back.

Hi. Jeff,

This may help you here;

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Thanks guys… want to do things right for all parties!