Charlie, How's That Weather!

Maybe a good time for you to write up sumthin about testing heat pumps…:slight_smile:

You have plenty of time since no roof walkin this wk!

A county in western Okla just broke the old record for one month total snow fall they had 45.5 inches in Feb the old record was from 1971 32 inches in one month. I had less than 4 inches in my area and am still walking roofs it all melted before sumrise:mrgreen: We were suppose to have 10 to 12 inches forcast for monday so I worked all weekend getting ahead of the storm and then nothing. Weather people are the only profession I know that can tell a lie every day and get paid for it:shock:

I have a report to write tomorrow and a proposal to get out on a 145 unit Marriott IR scan so no heat pumps for now, ya like heat pumps do ya