Charlie Rangel steps down as House Ways and Means Committee Chairman.

Charlie Rangel is a founding member of the overtly racist Congressional Black Caucus.

He said it was only temporary though and that he would be back after clearing his name. This guy lives on a different planet.:roll:

Yep. And anyone who co-founds any organization that ridiculously has, as part of its formal name, an adjective that describes skin pigment level, is a racist. I don’t care if it’s NAAWP, NAACP, or his Congressional Black Caucus.


Imagine the incredible uproar and outrage if a bunch of white guys started the “Congressional White Caucus”.

If he were white and not a D, the press would have run him out of town ages ago.

That has just been called Congress for the most part…:wink:

Ok now, that’s funny.