Charlotte NC response to CSST gas piping

Special inspection required now for Mecklenburg County NC

Probably see this products use decline rapidly here due to the extra trouble and expense.

Really? The “recall” only entitled our area to less than $150 per house - labor and parts.

I imagine if the bonding is done sufficiently during original construction, it can’t be much of an expense, even in high lightning-strike areas.

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For those who can’t get link to work:

From Charlotte NC Mecklenburg county inspection website:

Required Bonding of CSST Piping

Due to a recent class action lawsuit involving the installation of CSST piping, the manufacturers of the products now require additional bonding above the minimum requirements of the NEC.

The bonding conductor that is required by the manufacturers’ installation instructions shall be done by a properly licensed North Carolina electrical contractor. The bonding instructions shall be furnished to the licensed electrical contractor and to the electrical inspector by the installer of the CSST piping system. The electrical contractor shall follow the instructions precisely as provided by the installer of the CSST piping system.
The bonding of the CSST piping is considered electrical contracting and no portions of the bonding system may be installed by the Mechanical Contractor or others. The complete bonding system SHALL BE installed by the properly licensed Electrical Contractor. (Bonding Clamps, Wire, and all connections)

Two inspections MAY BE required when the bonding system is installed:

  1. If any part of the bonding system will be hidden by wall covering, floor covering, ceiling covering, or any other material or objects that will prevent the complete bonding system from being seen, a rough inspection will be required.

  2. If the entire bonding system can be seen continuously without any obstructions then only a final inspection will be required.
    Beginning September 1, 2007 an additional Electrical permit will be required for the inspection of the CSST piping system bonding. Certificates of Occupancy and Certificates of Compliance will not be issued until the bonding of the CSST piping system is inspected and completed.

What I’m curious about, how does this effect us as HI’s? I’ve been seeing newer homes with mini-manifolds and bonded to panels. What more is necessary?


Does the bonding take place at the black iron manifold or before or directly on the CSST? Somethime 1/2 the home is run in black iron with just a run or two of CSST. Any clairification appreciated.

Here is a good link I just found, have not read it yet, will comment later…

Gastite is one co. and they require a clamp at the entry point onto the black iron pipe and do not allow and clamping to the actual csst flex.

We need to check each manuf’s requirements for exact instructions.

Good info.

Thanks Bruce.