Chart of Common Problems

Does anyone know if a detailed chart or percentage listing of common problems found in home inspections exist? For example out of 10,000 inspections 15% had drainage issues, 5% had structural problems, 32% had electrical problems,etc.

We did one study showing that less than 1% of all defects uncovered in the average home inspection report had anything to do with the system or component not being installed to code.

My top 10.

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The last study I saw mentioned Roofs first…I think it was an ASHI study.

Gary - Great list - find many of those on every inspection - I would add garage door springs not adjusted (pull the rip cord and SLAM!), and not reversing when encountering an obstacle. I find those on about 70% of the homes.

Any reliable survey is contingent upon how thorough the inspectors are that are giving the information as well as how nit picky you want to get; with that said, most problems originate at the exterior of the home… from there other systems and components are affected. Most of the issues I see are grading and general water management issues. When I say water management issues you are primarily dealing with roofing and the exterior veneer.

As far as inside is concerned, the major issues I see crop up are insulation / air infiltration issues… followed by plumbing, hvac and framing.

Framing and foundation issues by far are the most expensive… failing to detect those issues can cost you tens of thousands of dollars…those are the areas that I say most home inspectors are weak at… which is understandable since few inspectors actually come from that particular background.



Moisture related issues is #1 by far.

What John said…


Moisture will cost your clients money in many shapes and forms and it always wins.

AC unit goes bad… replace it.

Poor grading and drainage… big bucks

and so on.