Cheap a** flippers

Went to open the medicine cabinet and the damn thing fell off the wall.

Chit happens… good catch… I bet many never open them!

Looks like they missed the stud eh! That was meant to be recessed too. At least you caught it. :wink:

I’m amazed at the things that flippers will do and not do. It’s as though they think no one will ever inspect the property. Maybe that’s their hope.

Neighbor told me I was the third inspector they’ve seen. Based on some 30+ defects in a 1100 sf house, I advised the first time buyers that they may wish to continue looking at other homes.

How long do think this will last this winter?

Hope the dryer don’t run for too long. :mrgreen:

That was a bathroom Exhaust vent.

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Wonder where the fan was located to have the vent in the exterior wall.:slight_smile:

BIG BUMP! That’s not the act of a neutral third party! If you feel protective of your client, make the problems clear in your report. Neutral third parties don’t make purchase recommendations. Don’t do that.

Plus, it really doesn’t matter who the seller is. Call what you see and move on. But I know, we see some CRZY stuff.

It really doesn’t matter. Call what you see and move on.

I basically agree with what Kenton said, but oftentimes a client will ask me whether they should purchase a home because they see me as the only disinterested third party in the entire transaction.

I had a client ask me “would you buy this house” with their agent standing right there. It was an old house that was dolled up, but had significant structural and foundation issues. I told him, truthfully, “In a heartbeat, but I would do so knowing there are significant issues that need to be addressed”.

You can give your client the advice they need without stepping over the line. Advice like “you should look for another house” steps over the line, IMO. Better to say, “if you buy this house, I would strongly recommend you follow the advice in my report”. They can decide for themselves how much they can deal with.