cheap and affordable energy

Watch the videos in this link
very interesting

Its probably a scam. You should google it

Try it and let us know how it works. In the meantime, I’ll keep paying my Toledo Edison bill. I’m not trying to burst any bubbles, but it seems to me, that for less than $100 of items you can find in a hardware store to generate your electric for free, than I’m almost sure I would have heard about this somewhere else, and not on the INachi message board. It would be a worldwide phenomenon and people would be buying this stuff up like methheads would buy cold medicine from Rite Aid.
But seriously, if you try it out, Eragorn, and it works, show us the proof on the MB and I’ll believe it.

In the meantime have a blessed holiday season…

Yep, you know darn well those scientists in Lithuania are steps ahead of the rest of the world in developing these new perpetual motion machines. I mean in all the history of the scientific world, nobody else has been able to develop that item. Even with all the brilliant minds at MIT, CalTech and NASA, nobody has developed a perpetual motion machine. But those scientists in Lithuania, woo boy. And they only want $49.95 for this information.

LOL. :mrgreen:

Every once in a while someone claims to find these things and we never hear about it again.

That’s becaue if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

Either that or Big OIL bought the rights:roll::roll: :sarcasm:

Yeah with Bush gone there will be no more killing of the scientists.:twisted:

Bob I have a buddy who says he can make gasoline from water.

He’s looking for investors to build a large scale plant.

Are you in?

No that will increase our carbon footprint.

My guy makes power from water.
(opps! they already do that)

I use it to power my Air-QERV, or does my Air-QERV power it??? I forget but everything is free and green in Wonderland