Cheap angle stops

I agree Ryan. On service calls I always locate the main valve and make sure it operates properly. I’ve turned a few angle stops on old condos and had the brittle CPVC pipe in the wall crack. I have the parts on my truck for replacement. I was not wearing a home inspectors hat.

Keep playing with fire and it’s just a matter of time you will get burnt. Some of us follow the SOP.


I find that my commercial clients are only concerned with the costs that will deter them from purchasing the building i.e. roofs, RTU’s, parking lots, etc., items that can easily run into the 100k+ price range and not items that the maintenance person can repair/replace with pocket change.


When I’m working for an existing owner, operating valves is part of the service I offer.
I was expressing frustration at cheap angle stops, not recommending that anyone else offer this service, nor that it be done in pending sale inspections.

I am both aware of, and annoyed, by the downside risk.


Never seen one. Interesting, thank you. You mean these where all the connections are behind the wall to maximize potential damage?

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These are the typical push/pull seen in my area


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That’s’ them…