Cheap inspections

I am competing in my location in Tn. with inspectors charging very low inspection fee’s ($175-$225). They are staying very busy but I am slow. Anyone out there have any advice for me?

John Cubit
JC Home Inspection

Why is a 5$ starbucks coffee better than a .99 cent coffee at the gas station? Why on earth would people spend 4 dollars more for a coffee when you can get it for cheaper? Is there a difference? Starbuck’s surely can’t be successful/profitable charging those higher prices, can they?

You get what you pay for…

Hi John,
Keep your chin up and don’t be in a hurry to go out of business.:wink:

Put a good plan in place to run your business. Your success depends on you.

Also, your web presence is not working…

Good Luck…:slight_smile:

Thanks Jim.

Your two companies don’t constitute the entire market median price for an inspection. What are your prices and the prices of all the other inspectors in your area?

Any advice on who to use for web presence?

:DHome Inspector Pro .com:D

Thats who I use

There will always be somebody cheaper than you. There is an inspector in Steve Wessler’s area that charges $75.00 for a home inspection. Steve asked me how do you compete with that? I told him, you don’t. Those types of inspectors are not your competetion. You need to offer a premium service for a premium price, which the most other inspectors do not offer. There are several buyers who want the best, so they do not mind paying higher fees. You need to acquire the education and making skills to do this, and that can take some time.

Your website is “not found” when i click on it under your name…

I see that its www.(yourname)– Get your own website. Get many websites optimized for different google searches. A strong web presense will only help you.

Yes. Stop competing with the low-ball inspectors and start competing with the inspectors who are charging reasonable fees.

I priced a 4350 sq ft home last night at $695. The caller said the last inspector quoted him $350. I explained my services, qualifications and experience before I hung up with him.

He called this morning and booked with me.

you will need to be competetive to get your name and reputation built. dont be a low baller but you cant expect to get started at higher prices

Well said !!!


Just did a 3750 sq ft home today. Buyers for the new house just went through the inspection on their house they are selling. Realtor comes up to me and says my clients where very impressed and I went well beyond what the guy did who inspected their house. It’s takes time but do 100% every time and one day your business will grow steady on its own. My business is getting to the point now that I need to retire quick from the military or I’m going to sink.

You are what you are worth. You pay for what you do not get. Charge $150 and go to the RE offices and bend over, or charge $500, dress nice, drive a nice vehicle, be professional, act and talk like a pro.

Your choice. And their’s.

Well, with 45 years experience in all aspects of the Building Industry, if I can’t get at least .16 cents a sq. ft. for an inspection, I will stay home.

I worked hard for what I know. Payback is a B I T C H . :mrgreen::wink:

There are guys with little or no construction experience getting twice that for inspections.

Robert, you are correct. I favor required yearly HI exams that differ from test to test, year to year. IMO, books and CE’s currently offered are not tough enough. These tests would weed-out the rift-raft that is hurting our industry. HVAC, building materials are all changing fast. HI’s need to be educated on the new technologies.

Oh. ASHI loves the basic report-writing rift-raft HI’s that pay money to help legislate HI basic minimum standards and laws.

I wish NACH could educate the NAR on the difference.

Perhaps a seperate RE thread. Ask them what they want for their clients.

I’d really love hearing you give that spiel someday! Apparently the only other guy in my new area is very cheap…I could use the pointers!

The problem is your mindset needs to change.

We search our competitors websites or find out their pricing for an inspection and you immediately think.

There is no way I can compete with Joe who is doing $99 inspections.

The truth of the matter is there is no way he is competing with you at his price range.

If you needed to repaint you vehicle today. You search for a handful of body shops.

Full repaint F150

AAA Body = $2250
A2Z Body = $2175
B&T Body = $2200
Macco = $499

Who are you going to hire?