chearance to combustibles

Should NACHI inspectors note if there is zero clearance to combustibles next to a masonry chimney?

L. Jowers

I don’t understand?
The exterior of a masonry chimney does not,should not, get hot.Therefore no clearance would be needed.
Are we talking about the actual chimney?..The hearth?..The mantel?..Opening around the fireplace?..NACHI?..A specific NACHI inspector?..

This might help

Marcel :slight_smile:

What state are you from Leanne?

That’s a secret, David.

Actually, I would bet that…like Walter Jowers…she is from your state and that her agenda here is NOT to be of benefit to NACHI.


Without specifics as to the issue, its not possible to provide an answer based on what you have asked.

More details are required. Please elaborate.

Damn it James! :slight_smile:

You blew my cover!