Check gas prices by zipcode tool!

[FONT=Arial]Gas prices by zip code[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]This is pretty nifty. Just enter your zip code in the site[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]below, and it tells you which gas stations have the cheapest prices (and the[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]highest) on gas in your zip code area. It’s updated every evening.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]]( [/FONT]

Pretty cool, though it is totaly missing the two I go to near my house, so there go the savings in travel.

This gives me an idea. You know how Dodge is offering the $2.99 per gallon fixed gas card if you buy a new auto from them?

Well Nick get us a InterNACHI gas card exclusive for members! I know you can do this, even if you get us 10% off. I’m not too picky on where I gas up either.