Check list for sellers

Is there a checklist out there for sellers to prepare for an inspection of their home? Things like move your stuff away from the panel box etc? Seems like I saw something like this here in the past but can’t find it now. Thanks.

We actually have these pre-printed in a rack card. Email over in our Marketing Department and she can send you some.

InterNACHI staffers mail these out to home sellers when they list their homes. Remember, most home sellers are also home buyers. The marketing pieces direct consumers to

Thanks Nick. I knew you’d have the answer!

I sent you a pack of 50 today.

Now thats a man on top of his game :slight_smile:

Nick you hard and constant work amazes me.

I bet if I worked 1/2 as hard as you at something I would be doing just fine. I just have to find something I can get in on like a new organization for contractors or something :slight_smile:

The Contractors Association is an empty slate in many ways… lots of potential. Think of something to do with it.