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Looks great I am a bit concerned about 125°f .
Most of what I have read is 120°F .
WE have ours at at 108°F and are satisfied .

I have heard both, that’s why I suggested anything over 125 be turned down.

The article looks good.

Here is a water heater settings chart:


Temperature Time to Produce Serious Burns
120°F More than 5 minutes
125°F 1- 1/2 to 2 Minutes
130°F About 30 Seconds
135°F About 10 Seconds
140°F Less than 5 Seconds
145°F Less than 3 Seconds
150°F About 1-1/2 Seconds
155°F About 1 Second
160°F+ Instantaneously
*Table Courtesy of Shiners Burn Institute

WE in Ontario the Tank temp must be maintained at 140°f to stop legionnaires disease .
So all new ( since 2003~) need a tempering valve to mix the hot and cold to get a tap temp at 120°F or lower .

Great job, Mike.

Nice work…

The $180.00 savings a year is misleading. Unless you are getting a year round heating bill of $150.00/month.


Nice article Mike.
Congratulations on having a great marketing outlet.

I would add that the furnace filters should be the cheap, blue fiberglass type. Low air blockage. Not the Filtrete filters.
And, you can “lightly” spray the filter with Pam cooking spray on the return side for more dust catching. Just don’t use the “butter flavored” version. ;^#()]

Hope this helps;

Thanks Will.

Can I add some popcorn kernels?

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