Check out my page peel

Let me know if you can or can’t see it in the upper right hand corner Please and Thank you. Also if you could tell me what browser you are using.

Looks and works good Robert…:cool:

Yes I can - Mozilla Firefox

As an fyi though… your logos re-draw so fast, on my connection they don’t ever complete drawing until they re-draw again. It’s pretty annoying to have them changing before the page even completes displaying…

Thank you. I just have a crappy ISP try again and tell me if its better on your end.

dont’ know what you did, but that’s much better.

Cool, I slowed them down alittle. Sometime I don’t think of what everyone else is using or their connection speed.

I can see it and it looks good. I am using Safari

Thanks guys

Chrome. :smiley:

Nice way to get hits on your website :D:D:D:D

Looks and works well; IE8.

Thanks everyone.:wink: