Check out the new NACHI.TV commercial for Bootie Shoe Cover. Only 1.5 minutes long.

Nick likes a big bootie…Hhhhhhmmmmmmmm…:):p:D

Nice Bootie, but I like the smaller bootie

The comment was actually approved by the guest/founder.

lol…way to go Nick !!!:):p:D

How did she keep a staight face??? Too funny :slight_smile:

I barely kept a straight face myself.

The comment is 100% true BTW.

thanks for playing waaayyy tooo much information ,lol

It took us 8 takes to do this commercial. We kept busting out in laughter. :smiley:

I would love to see the out takes!

Maybe you can have a yearly blooper episode.

Val is working on one but it is going to have a lot of bleeeps. I can’t read well (didn’t learn till I was in 12th grade) and so read too slow for our teleprompter (we don’t use one for me). I have to remember all my lines and so screw up a lot.