Check out the new Website of Year logo!


With website plagiarism rampant, this is exactly what we wanted to prevent… the “willy nilly” use, adaptation, or new creation of the logo to promote undeserving websites. I’m not saying your site is undeserving because you did indeed win the 2008 award for a VERY nice site. But we have 1 logo and know who has rights to place it on their web site. There are unscrupulous members here who like to “borrow” logos without permission or rights to do so. Just trying to keep the logos where they belong, and not on someone elses unapproved site. All of this was discussed in good detail by committee members when this particular award was put in our laps last year.

The point is you personally received the (currently approved) logo and month winner certificate from me via email with a cc to Marcel on behalf of the awards committee. Marcel (I believe) sent you the year end certificate. So you would know who we are and aware that we exist and one would think that such a committee would most likely be the ones to approach with such a nice looking new logo. And Nick (bless his heart) simply posts ANYTHING that appeals to him.
It simply appears to be a slap in the face to those of us who volunteer and devote time to provide the awards program for the NACHI membership.

We are in discussions now and will most likely approve the new logo. Please give us another day or two as there are 9 of us on the committee and I have only heard from 3 others on the matter.
I am truly intersted in seeing what else you have for the other logo designs. Like I said in an earlier post, a logo upgrade is on my agenda to accomplish this year and you may have scratched this item off my list. :slight_smile:
I just was thinking about approaching it a little differently than this.

I appreciate your understanding.


I will say it again for the record; I did not intentionally mean to circumvent due process or anyone on the awards committee. I had an idea and ran with it. Everyone on the awards committee is doing an excellent job :slight_smile:

I certainly would not categorize this as a “slap in the face.” Again, I’m sorry!

With this award comes a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in this organization. So, being the 2008 winner, I was merely trying to give something back and say thanks!! That is why I decided not to design one for just 2008, but 2009 and the monthly recognition as well. The 2009 and the monthly recognition are still in the works, but almost complete. Let me know if you want me to continue.


Thanks Kevin and please forward the others when you think they are ready! :slight_smile:

My vote goes to Kevin’s logo. Very nice.

Here is the 2009 version. Let me know if this will work.


Here is the monthly recognition.


INACHI Website Monthly Reconition.jpg

You do some nice work Kevin… thanks.


Excellent job in the design of these Website of the year logo’s.

Now I’m freakin jealous.

How about designing two of these logo’s for me? One for Website of the year 2005 and one for Website of the year 2007.

PLEASE. I’ll pay you for your time.

The Blue looks better, but I think the shield would look better Gold instead of Orange. JMO

Looks similar to your website, no?

Well, duh!! Of course it does. My website is the winner of the 2008 award. There will NOT be another 2008 award issued.

That is why I designed one for 2009 and maybe 2010, etc.

What’s your point?



It’s not worth it. No need for a pis$ing match regarding logo’s.

You did a fantastic job in designing these logo’s and if they weren’t approved (which is a joke)…I’d be very surprised.

Thanks for the confidence vote David.

Kevin’s designs are very nice indeed.
I’ll be the first to admit that the design I came up with (the currently approved logo) doesn’t even compare to these which Kevin has submitted. It was quickly designed and implemented since this award was thrown in our laps and we needed to get the program moving quickly. I was not awfully fond of the original logo, but never got back to do anything different with it. We obviously have much greater talent on this board than I have with such matters. I simply have not had the time to create new versions myself.
The reason why we want to keep the logo within the awards committee and not release it to everyone in the general public (such as all the other NACHI logos and seals which are available to members) was to keep order and provide a “coveted” logo. I mentioned this before.
I know personally that some of your own work and images have been lifted from your site (and most likely without your approval) as you have imbedded text in you graphics. I discovered this from a site I was working on for another inspector and conveniently did not transfer the image for this reason.
We have inspectors innappropriately using the education provider and preferred vendor seals throughout our membership.
If it is your wish (as well as others) to release the web site award logos to the general public for their general use, then we have efectively reduced the meaning of this award. Same with just creating your own version of the award willy nilly. JMHO
You have to apply for your 5 star rated IR site logo correct?
It means something does it not?
If it was available to the general public for general use it would mean far less would it not?
I have ideas to prevent theft of the web award logos, but appears no one is really concerned about that.

All valid points and I agree. You are doing a good job.

These logos are for INACHI and the awards committee for the exclusive use of those Inspectors who received the award from the awards committee.

I personally like the idea of somehow preventing theft of the logos. We should not have to take such measures, but their are some who feel that it is OK to take a word, sentence, logo, image, from another Inspectors site and use as they see fit.

I know first hand what that feels like. Their are several inspectors here that have copied word for word the text from my ITI site. I know this as I have used CopyScape to find who they are!!

Again, keep up the good work.


Calm down Kevin;

I assumed since it was an INACHI award, it might have propriatary features and color scheme as does most everything else INACHI is involved in.

I had no idea each winner would design their own award logo. That being said, it appears to be perfect!

Great looking logo(s) Kevin, hope the committee adopts them and congrats on being last years winner.

better do it quick
i win…i will of course take this down but the vultures are on the wire…another texas inspector is using some of my graphics as we speak…

What you really need is a “Member of the Year” logo :slight_smile:



No offense, but I’m surprised to find that you didn’t even attempt to contact me (a fellow iNACHI member) to warn me of this action. I would have notified you if I ran into any sort of plagiarism attempt.

Anyways, keep up the good work that you are performing on the Awards committee. When Kevin’s logo is finalized, I intend on utilizing it for my past website awards in 2005 and 2007.

Yes, it would be nice to have these logo’s designed appropriately in order to prevent/avoid theft. I’m glad to see that you are volunteering your time to make this happen.

Good Luck.

thanks but i’m :cool: where i’m at…unless the Awards Committee offers up something…enuff going on with this…:(:(:frowning:

btw: congrats again and nice artwork