Check out this bad boy!!

Lately I’ve been running across thermal seal defects left an right.

I was doing a quick scan on a friends house while visiting my folks in Mississippi over the holidays and ran across this dude.

An $800k home less than 3 months old. One major thermal defect and several others were showing some early signs of failure.

They said the windows were still under warranty. My question is, does the warranty only cover the cost of the window or the removal and re-installation costs as well?

Infrared Inspection Thermal Window Defects1.JPG

Infrared Inspection Thermal Window Defects1.JPG

Infrared Inspection Thermal Window Defects2.JPG

Infrared Inspection Thermal Window Defects.JPG

What was the outside temperature Brandon.
A 10 degree drop at the window in winter here would be great.

Most MFG. will only cover the cost of materials, in this case the sash.

Nice find. Are those connected to the outside, looks like some kind of foyer.

Yeah, there’s a big covered outdoor area with a kitchen, grill, bar, etc… They built the house for $800k but it appraised for $1.3m so they made out pretty well on it.

I just don’t have a clue how much it would cost to have the windows replaced or if it’s even worth the trouble.


Infrared Inspection Thermal Window Defects4.JPG

These are windows from the same home.

Could someone please give me their opinion? My opinion is that the right window is losing it’s thermal seal?

Infrared Inspection Thermal Window Defects9.JPG

Infrared Inspection Thermal Window Defects9.JPG


Infrared Inspection Thermal Window Defects9.JPG


How about answering me as to what the outside temperature was first.


I can’t remember the exact temp. but it was probably around 60 degrees when I started. It probably dropped about 15 degrees or more as soon as the sun set because I started freezing my butt off. The windows defects became much more visible after the temperature drop.

I am trying to keep up with you thermal camera guys in case i decide to buy one.
Not about price as much as liability and hours spent on CE.
General Hi is the meat and I see thermal as just another aux service at this point.
Just trying to see the issue in your 10 degree drop of temp at glass center.
Thanks for answering.

Brandon, this is most likely cause by a seal failure and the loss of Argon gas between the glass. What happens is the glass actually starts to bow or collapse.The glass in the center of the window becomes cooler because of the difference in air space between the glass. In my level I class at ITC our instructor told us about actual glass breakage under these conditions.

Very important for commercial clients with a lot of windows in the building. It can be very costly and if the windows are no longer covered under a warranty then a proactive approach is the most cost effective.

Here is a link to the ITC message board where our very own Dave Anderson started a discussion about this.

Again, nice find, I’ll bet you look at every window from here on out.

It appears to me that you shot the image basically standing in the same position on all. The right image to me appears to be a reflection. window/glass will most likely be the most problematic items to scan that you will cross paths with.