Check out this dude. He runs a fake "University" yet has the nerve to make a YT video about legislation

As far as I can tell, Home Inspector University FLORIDA and Home Inspector University INDIANA is the same parent company, Inspector Services Group based in Carmel, IN.

I also want to tag on one more thing.

I watched his video “5 steps to crush those YOU MISSED IT calls”

At the end his 5th tip is “Wear a body cam”

He says, and I’m quoting here about using the cam footage: “There’s us checking the thing, there’s us amping the motor, whatever”

Which motor is he checking the amps on? The HVAC compressor? The Blower? this is way outside of his lane.

I used to do HVAC work a long time ago and yes, I carry an amp probe. I am not willy nilly using it during a general home inspection. If I heard a motor in distress, I might pop it on there just because I have the tool. Mostly to avoid something catching fire or whatever.

Florida’s SOP says nothing about measuring Amps on the HVAC. It does mention it in the electrical section but disclaims measuring it.

How is this a “you missed it”

"(4) The inspector is not required to:
(a) Measure amperage, voltage or impedance;


Biden is simply incompetent, no one is deranged about him.

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I think the operative point here is they can’t advertise and operate as a college or university in the state of Florida without accreditation.

If they are advertising “travel to Indiana, get training” that’s one thing, but that doesn’t appear to be what’s going on here. I’m sure Nick will get to the bottom of it.

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Not a “fallback” at all. For you to say, “Not to turn it political.” and then denigrate a political candidate shows you can’t help yourself. You are so dismissive of others after you make a shallow comment.

Don’t be so butt hurt all the time. I thought it was the younger generation that was supposed to be so easily offended, lol.

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Nothing you say will ever “hurt” me and being crude as well is just a reflection of your dismissive attitude of others. You sound just like the other crude member of this forum.


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More dismissive!

I’m surprised you caught that.

All concerned about someone falsely using a term, yet you have inspectors that paid you to use the designation of Certified Master Inspector on here asking elementary questions.


The intention of the Florida statute is to prevent deception. There is nothing deceptive about the name. They are an unaccredited school for Home Inspectors.

If Nick wants to “get to the bottom it”, he should file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General’s office and post their response here.

That is the deception. The term “University” implies accreditation. Exactly what the statute is trying to prevent.

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Maybe you inferred it.

Like I said, file a complaint to the Florida Stare Attorney General’s Office. It’s their job to investigate compliance with state laws. Post their response here.

I really don’t care, but folks, just don’t list it as a qualification (that you attended an “Inspection University”) anywhere in your marketing. The first thing a plaintiff’s attorney does is try to find an example of false advertising. Never lie about your qualifications, and we all know this is a lie.

I’ve known “this dude” personally for years, for you to say what is “outside of his lane” is apparently outside of your lane. Home inspectors are required to perform to minimum standards. They are also free to go above the minimum standards if they are qualified. If I remember correctly he has a degree from UF in Building Science among other qualifications including many years as an inspector, a successful multi-inspector company and teaching other home inspectors. Jon is a good guy, and good instructor/inspector that provides informative classes. I’m not sure about the use of the “U” word. It’s a shame he is under attack. I agree with his points in the video, you can never learn too much. I think discontinuing CE requirements for inspectors is not a good idea (although I would meet the 10 year threshold). I don’t think he is affiliated with Indiana (thornberry?), but I could be wrong.

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You mean like these paid professional liars, defrauding thousands of home owners with false advertising and inferior construction?

No one is getting called out on missing “amping a motor”. He may be the best inspector in the world with good intentions. It’s a bad example. Once again, the only reason to do that during a general home inspections would be for safety issues. Call out the unit for further evaluation and include your findings, all good stuff. No home owner is going to sue you over not doing it. The entire point of his video.

I learn new stuff every day, everyone should. If someone is so stagnated after a decade that they have to be forced annually to do CE, no amount of CE is going to make any difference.

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I have no clue of the specifics. My guess would be that Jon (or one of his employee’s) got accused of missing something and the body cam proved otherwise.

Does Jon offer CE credits to home inspectors for a fee?