Check out this great reference source

I posted this late last night so most of you never saw this thread, but Google now has a site in which you can search for books and read them online with no purchase needed.
They cut out a page here and there , but it is still a cool way to find books and get a good sneak peek.
Type in Home Inspection and you can actualy veiw that Inspector classic by Carson Dunlop known as Home Reference Book that many of us took those classes with.


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Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle, that’s a good link.


I just found this thread, nice link, the type of stuff that makes the internet worth something.

Thanks Robert


No problem , and since you guys are slow to find my posts, and this one got buried last night.
It is a free home inspection education you will find on these pages.
This is one of the links I posted last night.