Check out this home inspector's IR logo.

Very Cool

Very Nice !!!


The general public will not know what it is. Is that supposed to help in marketing? :mrgreen:

No. It helps with his branding. He’s building a brand that emphasizes IR.

Clients who are already educated to IR and are looking for that kind of inspector will know what it means. The fact that he puts it in his company logo will enhance his image as an expert in that service. The general public is reaching a place that more people know about IR than not. They may not know how is works but they know it has value. Branding yourself as the local expert in an emerging technology is not an opportunity that comes along very often.

It will pay dividends for many years to come and elevate the image of a company above the competition. Those who try to brand themselves later will find themselves struggling to gain recognition in a crowded field.

So it looks like a car?

On your inspector web page I found children’s building blocks… :mrgreen:
That’s a nice logo.

I figured I would incorporate our IR service into my truck advertising.

Wow, very nice. Wish you great success!