Check out this lier on You Tube

He is in Canada telling people to trust him that you have no need for an Inspection on a Condo as the only thing to inspect is the appliances.
What a joker.
Tell him what you think of him.

Aw!! C’mon, Bob. Canadians are very honest folks!! That’s why we’re liked so much around the world.

Thanks BOB very interesting I like it great find .

By who? :mrgreen:

Other Canadians of course Bob. :wink:

Of course.
Those darn Canuckle heads.Maybe this is no where near Vancover however.

Adding comments has been disabled for this video.

Interesting as I was his first comment and the video is over one year old.
He must have caught what I said about him.:):):slight_smile:
Two hours ago he only had 81 views so at least a few dozen guys must have caught what I said.

Hmmm he has 60 other videos and I bet comments are not disabled on them.

Yeah I just saw that, I was going to blast him with a few comments of my own…What an Idiot.:cool:

I bet he owns or builds the cond’s he said don’t need inspecting!!!

That’s a lot of forehead. I thought it was a promotional video for a new ‘Cone-head’ movie.

What a dolt. Interesting that he completely forgets his clients liability for the outside of the structure.

You can click on the dislike button, which I did. If he has 40 dislikes he may pull the video down.

What’s a lier?

We got tired of explaining spell check to bob :wink:

Flag that guy for that. He must be hurting for a sale.