Check the Performance Grade of your website and any other website.

See how fast your site loads. has a performance grade of 94.:smiley: has a performance grade of 92.:slight_smile: has a performance grade of 82. :roll:

So you are only 10% better than the Obamacare site?

Something must be wrong with that calculator. :wink:

Obama should just accept InterNACHI’s offer to build their site for free.

Others already have done it.

My brother was working on a construction project, let’s just say it was for the government. He needed some pins to hold up shelves in a shelf unit. He drilled the holes, and was 12 pins short. Instead of going to Home Depot and purchasing them for about $2, he decided to go to his source and get some through the government purchasing protocol. He talked to 8 people in three days, because he did not get a hold of anyone. They all said that he had to go to local purchasing, then state procurement, then through the national data base procurement department. Then, he had to fill out agreements, purchase orders, issue specifications, well, you know the drill. After 6 weeks, and bids of anywhere from $28 a piece to $61, he just decided to go to Home Depot, and spent $1.79 of his own money to purchase the pins. Sad.

My site said 84.

mine was 85, better than obamacare, still not up to NACHI speed…

I got an 87!

I got a 93.

Wow Greg. 91/100 says to fix Leverage Browse Caching… umm OK

Tested from Dallas, Texas, USA on November 21 at 15:15:00

The numbers change when done numerous times. one site I got an 82 and on
I got an 87

I ran and and both got 94 Damn good for internachi matching google :slight_smile:

I just did again and it got an 84. Internachi stayed the same google I tried again and it went to 93. The site does not seem to accurate to me ?

I tried a bunch of different sites and congrats to Nick and his team. I found no one higher at 94 and no one as consistent :slight_smile: got an 81 every time. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: we are better all the way around :slight_smile:

I got an 88. Pretty cool site, thanks for the link

Sarasota home inspector

  1. Not bad for a site I built myself :slight_smile:


70 from CA Juan… what does it mean? Dunno.


I say this site is not accurate lol. I got a 83. Any computer I tested on it loads instant everytime. If someone sees otherwise let me know. Here is what’s important.

Who is found on page one of Google. :slight_smile: Better be you.

85 for me but this is the website built by InterNachi.
Home Gauge 76