Check this out..Is this a proper drain pipe connection?

You just gotta ask me what the 2nd image was all about.
Nope! You tell me what you think is going on…OKI?
You wouldn’t believe it…Nope!

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I sure hope You didn’t lick that …

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That’s the only way to make sure it is real or not. Yep!

What’s the problem? It looks like it’s been that way for years…yeap.

The bricks look nice! :slight_smile:

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Home Depot weekend warriors that don’t know how to lead in a PVC soil adapter.

Honey, did you read the instructions?! :rofl: :crazy_face:

They cut the chimney up to make those! :grin:

Those guys got out of the plumbing business and opened their own welding shop.

Next time I come across a poor plumbing joint I’ll save the Flex Tape and just spray in some expanding foam.

My new electric hot water heater has the TPR on top in the center, no extension. Is this acceptable?

No, it needs a discharge pipe routed to terminate close to the floor area. Contact a plumber.

Superb advice…Not!

You can go over and do it for him! Yeap!

Everything OK with this… … … :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes, if you want hotter hot water…LOL

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