Check this out ..White wire used for hot in Murray panel

This house was built in 1954. All the circuits had white wire used for hot in a Murray panel. Its my understanding that this may have been ok in the 1920’s. Many other defects were found inside and out. I just thought I would share this.:slight_smile:

That doesn’t look like 1920’s or 1950’s wiring or breakers to me :wink:

How did the receptacles tested?

Yeah, thats vinyl coated wire and it was installed by an idiot.
Call it out.

Open grounds. 3 prong receptacles.

:mrgreen: agreed!!

Thanks! That is strange. My best guess was the electrician was either color blind or from the UK/Australia where back in the day black used to be a neutral and other colors like yellow, white, blue, ect were hot.