Check this puppy out.

To see it in motion click here.

Need it, how do i get it lolol

Is it rotating the wrong way?

Post or pm me your email address and I’ll send it to you.

Yes it is…

Reminds me of “As The World Turns” soap-opera from the 50’s.

Your looking at it from the wrong side.:mrgreen:

that is really nice, could I get it as well?

sent to

thanks Robert!

Stand on your head or plug your computer in backwards and it will look fine. :wink:

Only south of the equator…

I believe the legal name is InterNACHI now.

That is SWEET!!!

I thought that was only toilets?

Part-timers version!:stuck_out_tongue:


Will go back once NAHI goes away.

Toilets and bathtubs.

Vortices south of the equator rotate the opposite direction of those north.

But that raises another question…???

Do revolving restaurants revolve the other way??

And just to clear up things concerning vortices–they don’t always rotate the same direction in the northern hemishere, not do they in the southern hemisphere.

When one observes a vortex in the bathroom sink, the direction may well be determined by the design of the sink.

Airplane vortices at the wing tips flow in opposite directions, as do “dust devils” and many other forms vorticity.

A “natural” vortice will rotate as described above. Vortices influenced by pressure, design, etc… will rotate per their influencing factor.