Checklist for Your Homebuying Client

You can provide a checklist of things your client can do while you perform the inspection. Hand a checklist to them at the beginning.

You can tell your client, “This is your time to get to know your new house. Walk around and look at everything. If you need me, I’ll be on the roof. Here’s a checklist of things you can do while I’m inspecting your house.” The checklist is as follows:

CHECKLIST: 10 Things You Can Do at Your Inspection

_____ Read the Standards of Practice to which the inspection is performed
_____ Be sure you know where the main water and fuel shut-off valves are located.
_____ Open and close all the windows and doors your inspector doesn’t get to.
_____ Operate the kitchen appliances.
_____ Operate the clothes washing and drying machines.
_____ Run water at all of the plumbing fixtures and look for water leaks.
_____ Walk the entire property outside.
_____ Ask the seller about prior roof leaks or any other problems recently experienced.
_____ Bring to the inspector’s attention any problems that you might find.
_____ Make sure all of your concerns are addressed before the inspector leaves.

** Advantages include:**

  • It gives your client something to do, instead of feeling uneasy about the whole process;
  • It helps you by providing another pair of eyes; and
  • It helps set the expectations of your client.

I actually like my clients sticking with me during the inspection and the items above are checked by me with them.
Glad you posted this however as I am doing a first time buyer lecture tomorrow and was trying to think of a good hand out.
There are some good client checklists on the web.

The bored clients (family if there) often sit with the Agent and chat but I always make sure to let them know they can use my tools such as the infrared measuring tape or moisture meter.