Checklist/Narrative Reports

I find doing a combination of these reporting styles to be great, They just take up so much time. Does anyone else do this, and what is your turnaround time if so.

You’d find most inspection reports are likely a hybrid. My report has a list of systems and conditin ratings, but every defect is listed in narrative format. My opinion is best of both worls.

My report turn around is always same day. I make notes and take pictures on site (spending 2-3 hours there usually), then write the report later on, I take time to write my narratives, i dont use too many canned statements. I get them done (report written) in less than an hour each typically. I never timed it.

time greatly depends on what there is to inspect, as 1200 foot home with no attic access on a slab, will go a bit faster than a 1200 foot home with full basement and an attic scuttle.

time also varies on how many defects there are to write up.

Lastly if you need to look something up, it will also take time.

You’ll get the nack of estimating your own timeframe. The key is just be thorough, your time to accomplish inspections will likely decrease on average with experience.

“Canned” are fine, as long as you modify them as needed. That’s one of the reasons I embraced HIP (I had my own system for several years, first). No part of mine is checklist . . . but that’s what works for me!

I have been doing a checklist / narrative…
for over 10 years…
up to 3500 square…
(small home)
3 hours
report printed on site with computer…
using HomeGauge did not change time on-site…
but ink cost…

Thanks guys, I always value everyone’s opinions especially since they’re free