Checklists for Students

We have been using the ITA checklists in our NYS HI Licensing course. The students find it too difficult to use. Any thoughts on a good (free) checklist? :-k

Bill, the students need to learn to use the Matrix system. When I first started back in 1996, I used the Matrix reports from ITA- and for newbies, it’s a great way to learn.

18 years ago, I understood how to inspect a house ( Interior/Exterior, etc.), I was scared to death to open a panel but my hardest thing to grasp was writting a report.

Maybe since our business has changed so much with Home Inspection software, you could consider teaching them with Home-Guage or Home Inspector Pro, 3D, or one of George Wells software programs.

InterNACHI didn’t exist when I first entered this business, only ASHI and NAHI- around my area of Virginia. ASHI was promoting Palm-Tech pretty hard in the late 90’s.

In my opinion Bill, they need to keep trying. Somewhere here on the message board, Nick has a free Mock Inspection according to our SOP.

If they are serious about becoming a Home Inspector, they will master what they find difficult now. I’m assuming that the students are very young or have little or no experience in construction. Either way, I wish you and your students the best of luck.

Michael - we’ve been using the Matrix for years, but there have been too many complaints - the print is too small, not enough room for comments, etc. I’d like to try another form. If it doesn’t work, we can come back to the ITA forms. Thanks for your input.

Bill, I do agree. Have you considered Canspec- Home Report from Canada?

You need to create a checklist from real software.
Create a generic checklist by printing an empty template.
HIP allows this.

P.S nobody uses printed lists anymore so why teach that way ?

Thanks Nick - I’ll check those out.