Chemical Odor Remediation In Home

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What does it smell like? anything familiar . I have heard the ozone works but only on some items . Have you had your home test for meth ? Did any one check your dry wall? Is it from china ? And where are you located

From this post, and your other posts on this issue, I would say it is time you sought the assistance of a good Attorney for advice what legal remedies you might have against the parties involved in the sale.

I use Ozone shock treatment here in Winnipeg for clients tht have strong odour issues. So far it has been successful on all the organic odours I have had to tackle. The drawback is that it has to be an organic carbon based odour. I have the UV6800 model and for really strong odours like skunk and, concentrated pet urine and cigarette smoke I have had to run it for 48 hours straight. One house I did took two treatments to rid it of the per odour. If someone in your area has a similar high output unit it might be worth a try and if it doesn’t work then I agree with Emmanuel and it is time to seek legal recourse.

An attorney maybe the answer at this stage.

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