Chicago area structural damage

Perma-Seal, the foundation company, has been indicating to homeowners in our area that much structural damage happened to homes around here as a result of the drought of 2005. Perma-Seal has been recommending extremely costly piering as the only way to bypass the shifting prairie soil. I live in DuPage County and have not noticed any houses having structural work done to them, nor have I seen houses being sold for a song. Has anyone in the Chicago area witnessed a dramatic increase lately in structural damage to homes?

I have not witnessed any increase. You have to remember they are a company trying to sell a product, althought they might not be lying that the decrease moisture in the soil adversly affects the foundation. That doesnt mean that the situation in the chicago area is as bad as they say. ***To reinterate they are selling a product or service. ***

not for sales or promotional purposes, sheesh

according to BBB