Chicago Chapter meeting on March 16th, No? HELP I can't find.

I am quite certain I am scheduled to speak at the Chicago NACHI Chapter meeting on the 16th of March. Does anyone have any info on this??? I don’t have it advertised yet and need to.

Nick go to NACHICHICAGO.ORG and look under meetings you are at bottom of page

Oh, thanks. Top part is old, can someone update?

Staff going to start advertising.


Don’t you go worrying.

Everyone in this neck of the woods knows you are coming.

BTW: Are you really coming this time?

PLEASE NOTE: The above was a joke. Just to be clear.

Hope this helps.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I like the Chapter meetings so much better than conventions where I only get 10 seconds with every member, if I’m lucky.

Get ready Chicago… I’m pulling out all the stops.

Hay Will are we getting the special silver out this time?

Nick, have Wendy sell NACHI thongs there - it will fund the '07 convention . . .