Chicago chapter meeting

Craig M. Capilla of the Franklin Law Group, a former lawyer for the IL Dept of financial & professional regulation, will cover the new 2012 Home inspector administrative code, tell you what to do and what not to do if you get that letter from The IDFPR. and answer any questions you have about the legal end of Home inspection in IL, don’t miss this one!!
all inspector are welcome sign up at

Date,time and location
Jan 17th @ 6:30
Best Western
4400 Frontage Rd
Hillside IL

All the best Jeff. Sounds like a great informal meeting.
Good luck.
Condo Bob going?

If time allows.
Worn out from what is becoming one of my most busy periods in business during what should be the slowest month.
Let me be clear am not complaining.

Just finished a couple multi unit apartment buildings this afternoon and my reports still take to long be my on site efficiency is getting amazing.

Heard form one of the Brokers that sales went up 36% in November .
Must be that darn Obama …ha ha.

Happy for you buddy.
Always happy to hear you are doing good Bob.
All the best.
Yes Bob. see it taks time to over come what you guys are going through. Took Canada 8 years in the mid eighties…


Everything flows in patterns as things get bad people work hard and then things go back up.


Everything flows in patterns as things get bad people work hard and then things go back up.

you just have to make time, scheduling time for you inspection’s is what you make of it. if you are that busy, you need to make time for other things, like coming to a chapter meeting.
This is one you or any other IL state inspector should not miss.

I agree, wish I could make it up there, too short of notice. Maybe you could record it in video? :smiley:

I agree that I will try and just booked another for Thursday that wants immediate report so we shall see.
Actually tried to give it away…lol,go figure.

Most likely gonna be a scare everyone to death who does not do it the same as some old fogy that’s politically connected night.(should be fun) :slight_smile:
Just kidding or am I ?

OK appointment may be early enough and for me it is about finding the most minimal amount of text or visual information needed in a report to help know where I can cut out the fat.

My reports are the exact opposition of that so I need a good starting point.