Chicago Class and Seminar Questions

Lots of questions were asked during the Chicago class on 2/25/06 and during the breaks, and Will fielded many as I did.

Some of the questions:

Do you like to use twin breakers?

How can I properly ground an antenna?

Is copper clad the same as aluminum when that is noted in my report?

Will’s old service equipment MAIN and Range was also very interesting and with a few standing around the “Hands on Table” we discussed the “Pullouts”, I removed both and found one incorrect 60 ampere “rejection type” fuse and the range one had 60 amp fuses, which are usually 40 amps, at least for that time period.

Will added many of my images, and gave me the opportunity to tell about the issue or defect, some of those pictures brought me back to the 70’s, anyway the defect recognition and the special issues in the Chicago area have cleared up some of my opinions to now agree with some recommendations made by the instructor.


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