Chicago Commercial training 3/28-29/08 **update**

Hi to all,

Just a quick note, due to cancelled flights and chaos from American airline grounding its fleet of 737’s I have had to rebook my flights for the event.
I was hoping to be there tonight for the class, but now have to fly up early in the am.

Fridays class will now start at 10.00am rather than earlier.



Hi to all,

Just thought I’d update everybody on the Commercial class this weeked, firstly thanks to those who attended for their patience as I was forced to arrive later than we originally wanted, and had some computer problems!!

We had a great weekend with about 25 members in attendance from 4 different states, a couple of guys drove in from Michigan, Wisconsin and my pal Jim Rooff even came in from Iowa (thnaks Jim, it was great to see you again) I hope everybody got a lot out of it.

Special thanks to Ken Sitzes and his wife who always put on a quality event (with great food !!) and to my friend Pat Bollgier who was kind enough to pick me up from the airport (thanks mate).

Thanks as well to all the vendors who gave us door prizes

It was good to catch up with some old friends, and to make some new ones.

Again, thank you all :smiley:

Here’s a few pictures from the event.




IMG_0163 (Small).JPG

IMG_0160 (Small).JPG

Hi Gerry,

Great Course!! You really made me understand that commercial inspections are not the nightmare I thought they are! I was approaching the concept of these types of inspections as somewhat overly difficult and worrisome.
I feel very confident and now understand the approach , execution and methods to carry out a commercial inspection.

Your presentation skills are always on top! Never dull and cover the topic with expertise that can be absorbed with ease.

A Huge THANKS / credit goes out to Ken Sitzes for organizing, planing, setting and jumping all the hurdles to spoil us beyond my “normal training” event experiences. I thought I was going to have just an ordinary lunch and water but to my amazement the settings and FOOD was BETTER then some of the hot spots in downtown Chicago!!!:shock: the CHOICES :shock::smiley:
The facility, the material handout, give aways and little things here and there are fantastic! Thanks KEN!!

Thanks Gerry

Gerry…next time I will keep my eyes on the road!!!;-):smiley:

A big Thank you to Gerry for going above and beyond to get to St. Charles and to Pat for being the designated shuttle driver to and from the airport.

I would also like to thank everyone who drove in from Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa to attend the Deck course and/or the Commercial Inspection class. These events are all about meeting other inspectors, learning and hopefully making friends. If everyone who attended either event learned just one thing or made a new contact, then the effort and work is worth it.

Gerry gave us a good understanding of how to approach commercial inspections and I know he is always willing to answer any questions that you may have.

Once again thanks to everyone who attended and helped make the event a success! It was a good time and I hope everyone was pleased. I will always try to make the Illinois Chapter events professional and worthwhile.