Chicago getting slammed

Walked in from home conciltation and power went out minutes later so time to think generator
Roads are white out.

That would explain why you’re so quiet lately!!

Just a little snow Bob. Skilling is going nuts for sure!!!

I-70 in all of Missouri closed. All business and schools closed here. I have 12 inches of snow on my back deck, 3 foot drifts in front of my garage doors, winds at 35 MPH, temps at 11 degrees, and plenty of Captain Morgan.

Shoveled my roof tonight prior to expected 14"-20" more tomorrow.
Let it snow Bob. ;):slight_smile:


do you know where 51st. and Gibbs road is in kck/turner area?

Just a little snow Carl, no big deal up here. :mrgreen::wink:

I bet so Marcel!

Been getting freezing rain here all day long. Trees & power lines are all coated with ice. Had 8 power surges in the last half hour, still on line but for how long is anyones guess.

Generator is ready to go if needed.

Keep safe out there.

I know what you guys mean. It was only 82 degrees and 3 feet of sun here!

Lights are starting to remind me of a 70s disco tech with all the flashing on & off. Just so they keep coming back on. -o<

I’ts creeping up to us. We’ll be hit soon.


I coined a name for this blizzard : THE SNOWFLAKE APOCALYPSE !

Just took this picture of a tree in my front yard.

They have been calling it that all day.
Brother was just coming to save me in his Tahoe when the power came on.
Took me 90 minutes to drive about 5 miles home and at 6:00 as I walked in the power went out but just came on at 9:30 or 20 minutes ago.
We are going to take my niece sledding if roads are passable tomorrow.
Really scary with 50 mile an hour winds,no power,5 foot drifts in the yard,lightning in the sky with garbage cans in the middle of the alley.
Storm is just starting.:slight_smile:
I will post pictures here from tonight and also in the morning.

Newest snow fall map for central United States


I turning the ac off and opening the windows. Wheres my flip flop?

Damn, back to candle light power went out as I was posting pics Had 30 minutes

Not sure for how long but power just came on again.
Here is the present situation with 100s trapped in cars on Lake Shore drive and around 100,000 with no power right now.
They say it will get worse over the next 5 hours.



You have Sympathy from Brossard Quebec!

Survived the 98 Ice storm!

This spagetti was our power lines!

The ice storm of 1998 directly affected more people than any other previous weather event in Canadian history.

Keep warm!