Chicago Home Inspectors Using Recall Services

It’s obvious Mr. Dingleberry’s private contactinfo gathering lemmingsrule in our little town of Chicago.

Show us your area searches for this wonderful gimmick.

No. How about show us your picture on your website?

Google my name if you want to see a photo of me.

Most customers would like to see what their inspector looks like, for a variety of reasons.

You seem to try to hide your physical identity quite a bit.

I’m sorry I don’t meet your expectations.

I still don’t understand the obsession with this topic and what others do with their business. You all claim to be trying to enlighten the consumer but yet your comments are riddled with personal attacks. You claim to be more professional yet slander others on a forum because you don’t like them and their product. Just so you know $50 is an exaggerated cost for the warranty and appliance recall check. I use it because I was happy with the product. I don’t participate in the leads program because I don’t like giving information away so I do I agree there. Implying that all inspectors that use theses services are somehow crooks is false. It’s just another tool in the box for me.


When it’s spelled right the results change

Good for you Brad.

Here’s a few results from my area. :slight_smile:

Edwardsville Illinois home inspectors recall check

Godfrey Illinois Home Inspectors recall check

Fairview Heights Illinois home inspector recall check

Alton, IL home inspectors recall check

Note: St. Louis Home Inspection (Billy) does not service any of the above areas.

Interesting. So where is the 10%???

Typical home inspection costs$300 Linas?
You low balling?

What determines your typical $ 300 for an inspection Bob, just wondering ?

I am not the one claiming a average Home Inspection is $300.
Besides Joe Chicago fees are not the same as Texas.

My average is $300-350. Raising it again in the next month. The market determines where you start, you determine where you stop.

The rest of this is just more of the same noise from the same noise.

Our home inspections start at $350 for a home up to 2500 s.f. then $50 for every 500 s.f. over 2500 s.f.
There are additional charges for homes over 50 years old.
Condos start at $275. For additional info, please contact our friendly office staff.

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