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On December 16th, I had the pleasure of meeting and addressing the NACHI Chicago Chapter.

Mr. Russell MYERS is to be commended on operating one of the most efficient and organized chapters I have seen yet. Each and every member of the NACHI Chicago Chapter BOD's were well versed in each and everyone of their explicit duties for the chapter. I was honored to participate in the BOD meeting which is held before each of their monthly chapter meetings. Unbelieveably organized and operated.

The Chapter meeting itsself was again well organized and precise. Each phase of the meeting was structured in such a manner that past and present information was released to the membership in an orderly and timely fashion. Each Chicago BOD addressed the membership with accomplishments and future proposals and often the applause they received in support of their efforts and accomplishments was deafening.

The boards direction towards advanced education and Co-op advertising programs is well underway and shows nothing but positive results. Results that will benefit the individual inspector, NACHI Chicago Chapter, and of course NACHI.

The Chapter meeting was also attended by ASHI President-elect Chuck Bellefontaine and ASHI Vice President-elect Jack McGraw. I had the opportunity to have a private audience with President-elect Bellefontaine and felt confidence in our hand-shake agreement to work together in the future on programs and initiatives that effect the Home Inspection Profession. Mr. Bellefontaine's participation and added comments during the meeting were both professional and well received. I thank him for making the special effort to join us at the NACHI Chicago Chapter in order to meet with me.

The commitment level and fellowship that this chapter exumed and displayed is second to none.

My meetings and discussions with Chicago NACHI Chapters leadership began almost immediately. Mr. Will Decker picked me up at the airport and from there we went to the hotel where intense and fruitful meetings concerning Illinois Continuing Education took place all day on the 15th. On the 16th my day began early with phone calls from Kentucky and additional meetings with Mr. Myers and Mr. Decker on Continuing Education and ran right on through the evening until shortly after midnight.

Thank-you Chicago for the invitation to speak, the great informational exchange, and most of all your commitment to NACHI and it's membership. Your hospitality, friendship, and support were noted and appreciated.

And a special thanks to all of those that I had an opportunity to sit down with and chat. I feel blessed to meet and bond with so many of our Chicago members. Thank-you all.

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Glad to see that Russ and Will and the others are doing a great job. It might help if NACHI established a set of standards for all chapters to follow. As NACHI inspectors, we should hold our meeting in a professional way.