Chicago inspector

1 of my buddies in chicago, Illinois wants to become a home inspectors, any inspectors from Illinois that can pass some information would be appreciated.

I gave him a link for pre- testing on internachi,
Not sure if Illinois requires 120 hours like Flordia, I know there’s ahit schooling online course, but he doesn’t want online schooling

Wants classroom classes not online courses like example IFREC schooling, going to direct him here as well to become a member as well to take advantage of all the courses that internachi has to offer

It might be good idea for him to do some inspections with an existing Inspector .
He could learn a lot and also see if he wants to become an inspector .
He should be prepared to pay to learn We charged $50.00 per trip,
Best around and they do live classes and online also.

Apparently you didn’t look close enough at the link I gave you.

No I didn’t, thx for the link I’ll pass it on